As of 13 November 2012 Hall Chadwick Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors have been appointed Administrator to Holmwood Builders Pty Ltd (trading as ProCorp Builders). The insolvency of a builder (e.g. appointment of an Administrator) is one of the grounds for lodging a claim under a home warranty insurance policy.

Negotiations are currently underway with the Administrator in seeking a suitably qualified business to take over all current contracts in place with Holmwood Builders Pty Ltd (trading as ProCorp Builders). As information becomes available we will update our web page. We anticipate further information will be available in the near future.

All homeowners who have been issued with a Certificate of Insurance dated from 1 July 2010 onwards are covered by the Home Warranty Insurance Fund's (HWIF) home warranty insurance policy for residential building work. These Certificates have been issued on behalf of the HWIF by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited and QBE will be handling claims on behalf of the HWIF.

The contact details for QBE are:

Toll free number: 1300 650 502
Postal address: GPO Box 82, SYDNEY NSW 2001

Claim forms can be downloaded from the HWIF website or requested from QBE. The completed claim form and all required information should be forwarded to QBE. Information on making a claim and the coverage provided by a home warranty insurance policy is available in the Homeowners section of the HWIF website.

Frequently asked questions

Home Warranty Insurance Fund have released a set of answers to the most frequently asked questions received by both QBE and Sekisui House.

Read the HWIF FAQs