You know an Insurance Box policy can save you money. But how does it work?

Insurance Box is all about paying a fair price for your cover, based on how you drive and use your car. 

When you plug in your Insurance Box it’ll start collecting data on how and when you drive. We’ll get a detailed breakdown of your driving habits in areas such as braking, acceleration, speed and night driving.

We use that information to calculate your DriveScore, our rating system for evaluating you as a driver. The higher your DriveScore the less you’ll pay for your insurance.

You can check your DriveScore any time on your online Dashboard. Your Dashboard will give you feedback, helping you work towards better driving and a higher DriveScore.

Your Insurance Box can also give us GPS information on where your car is kept overnight and your annual mileage. All of which helps us ensure we’re giving you a fair price.

The benefits

The safer you drive, the more money you can save when you renew your cover. It’s a great alternative to spending years building your No Claim Bonus.

Worried about your car being stolen? Insurance Box can even help recover your car if thieves strike.

The technology can also be a big comfort if you're involved in a collision. It’ll alert us to what’s happened so we can get on with helping you, whether the accident was your fault or not.

Your data and privacy

Your data will be processed in a de-personalised and encrypted form to prevent it falling into the wrong hands, and your Dashboard is password-protected. Your data will be used for pricing, providing feedback and speeding up the claims process if you lodge a claim. It won’t be used against you when you claim unless it provides evidence of fraud.

Getting started

Installing the box is quick and easy; you should be up and running in a couple of minutes. If you need help give us a call on 1800 133 723 and we’ll talk you through it. Once you’re ready to go you can get to work on your DriveScore, and start saving.

For more information see the Insurance Box Product Disclosure Statement or call us on 1800 133 723.