Brokers can save your business money because they can negotiate with insurers to get the best prices. Brokers can design an insurance package that covers the aspects of your business most important to you.

So how do you find a broker that is right for you?

What to look for

  • Specialist - some risks are unique to certain industries. You should consider an industry specialist who has the insight and experience to meet your needs.
  • Responsiveness - how quickly does the broker respond to your enquiries? Most importantly, do they provide you with helpful information?
  • Persistence - if they don't have an immediate answer, do they demonstrate a willingness to find it?
  • Honesty - are they a 'yes' person? Look for a broker who'll give you the truth rather than telling you what you’d like to hear.

Consider QBE’s authorised representatives

An authorised representative is different from a licensed broker.

They operate under the Financial Services Licence of another provider either an insurance company, licensed broker or other Australian Financial Services Licence holder and provide financial services on behalf of that provider.

An authorised representative who provides personal financial product advice is still subject to the same general conduct obligations that apply to a licensed broker.

Often an authorised representative may be authorised by several insurance companies so they can still offer you a range of product choices.

See QBE’s Authorised Representatives list.

Where to find a broker

The National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA)* represents more than 360 brokerages and around 2,000 independent brokers across the country. That’s about 90% of Australia's brokers.

NIBA is essentially a gateway to accredited, reliable brokers who are compelled to provide the best service.

Since 1982, the association has established numerous operational and educational standards for brokers. It’s most well-known for developing, administering and monitoring the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice.

The Code dictates minimum service guidelines for NIBA members. That means the brokerages and brokers they represent must abide by 12 strict standards, including:

  • explaining their fees
  • complying with relevant laws
  • responding to issues in a professional, prompt and empathetic manner
  • adhering to the Code’s Complaints and Dispute process.


To learn more about what you can expect from a broker, read How brokers work.

*The brokers on this site are not employees or agents of QBE, but are independent entities. QBE is not responsible for any advice provided to you by any broker on this site. Any such advice is the responsibility of the broker concerned.

How to buy QBE business insurance

We sell business insurance through brokers. If you don’t have a reliable personal recommendation then NIBA, the National Insurance Brokers Association, can help you find an accredited broker with their free needabroker service or call 1300 53 10 73.

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