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Insurance Box is comprehensive car insurance that rewards better drivers. The amount you pay is based on how you drive and use your car. Which makes sense, especially if you're a young driver (or their parent) paying more for your insurance.

When you take out a policy we'll send you an Insurance Box, a small device that plugs in under your dashboard. It transmits data such as speed, distance travelled and heavy braking. This helps us understand what kind of driver you are and your likelihood of having a collision. We then price your insurance based on the data.

Insurance Box policies include all the benefits of standard comprehensive cover: protection against collision damage, fire and theft, plus damage to other people’s cars and property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a small box that measures how well a car is driven. It plugs easily into your car under the dashboard to collect and transmit GPRS data using mobile networks. Insurance Box is also available in a smartphone App. You have either a Box or App connected to your policy, not both.

Understanding driving behaviours is only part of what is required to understand risk. The usage of the car and the environment in which it's being driven are also important. We therefore check your car is kept overnight where you said it would be and the kilometres you drive over the year. This will ensure you're given an insurance price based on how your car is being driven, not how a car like yours is driven by people your age, who live where you do.

Yes, we own the Box and lease it to you for a small one-off cost. We incur additional data and network charges at no cost to you. If you cancel your policy and return the Insurance Box in good working condition within the 21-day cooling off period we'll refund your costs less a small administrative handling charge. There's also a fee for the App, which is part of your overall cost of insurance.

It's a condition of your policy that you install the Insurance Box in your car within 30 days of purchasing your insurance. Should you choose to cancel your policy in the future we ask that you return the Insurance Box in good working order.

No. It doesn't use your car's Engine Management System (EMS), so doesn't impact its electrics or interfere with your engine diagnostics. It sleeps when the car isn’t moving so it doesn’t draw power from your car’s battery.

You can plug it in under your dashboard within minutes. Most cars today are made with a plug that fits the Insurance Box. Watch the installation video above, refer to the helpful diagram in your policy pack or call 1800 133 723 and we'll help you locate the connector port. Just leave it in your car after that.

It’s a policy condition that you install the Insurance Box (or, for some policyholders, download our App). The Insurance Box collects information from your car, such as its location, when and how it's driven, and where it's kept overnight. These factors can influence your premium. Your Insurance Box also enables us to try and retrieve your car if it's stolen.

We give you a personal DriveScore, which shows you how you and any other drivers are driving the car. You can see your performance and we'll provide tips on how you can improve your DriveScore to maximise the savings you can make at your next policy renewal. If the car is driven in an extreme or dangerous manner, your DriveScore reduces. If no improvement is made your premium may increase at renewal.

No we don’t. Most other insurers use a scale called “Ratings”, “No Claim Bonus” or “No Claim Discount” based on the number of years you've been driving without a claim. It can take a young driver 10 years or more to reach Rating 1. We believe this approach is unfair – it does nothing to reflect how you drive your car, or your likelihood of having a collision. You determine how good a driver you are and we recognise and reward your driving accordingly.

Your car’s Dashboard can be accessed at Any movement in your DriveScore will tell you whether your driving is improving, which may lead to an alteration in your premium at renewal.

Your Dashboard is a web page that provides you with your DriveScore and personal driving reports so you can follow your performance scores over time. We recommend you review your Dashboard, and the hints and tips we provide about your driving style, frequently. If you're an App user, you'll receive feedback along with your personal journey view on your linked smartphone.

Email or call our Customer Service team on 1800 133 723 and we'll investigate.

We provide all customers with a starting DriveScore so you can see your Dashboard and understand how it works. Your starting DriveScore isn't based on your driving behaviours it will be updated once the Insurance Box has been installed (or the App downloaded) and we receive your driving data, typically within a few days.

Remove the Insurance Box beforehand and let us know. You'll probably be able to transfer it to your next car. If you have a good DriveScore you can show the person buying your car that you've driven it smoothly  this could help with value retention.

Sometimes a mechanic will access the connector port under your dashboard and temporarily remove the Insurance Box. We recommend you mention you've installed an Insurance Box so the mechanic can plug it back in after servicing. If they don't, please plug it back in yourself. Rest assured, you're still insured during this time.

The technology in the Insurance Box usually allows us to fix it remotely. If that's not possible we'll replace it free of charge.

If your car is stolen, advise the police and tell them the car is fitted with an Insurance Box. Then call our Claims team on 1800 133 723 to provide your car registration and crime report number (if the police have given you one). We'll seek to trace your car's location if we can find it we'll notify the police so it can be collected safely.

If your driving data indicates what may be an extreme risk situation such as excessive speeding or harsh braking we'll send you an SMS to bring this to your attention. The message acts as a reminder of how to improve your driving. We remind you not to read SMS messages while you're driving as this will distract you from observing the traffic around you. We send our SMS messages at 11am (AEST) to minimise this risk.

Call us on 1800 133 723 or email

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