Award-winning insurance for young drivers

How do you prove you’re a good driver if you’re new to driving? You don’t yet have a ‘rating’, a no claim bonus or discount because these are all earned through years of driving without making a claim. We don’t think that’s fair. Introducing Insurance Box where your premium is based on how you drive and use your car. This makes sense, especially if you’re a young driver (or their parent) paying more for insurance.

How it works

Your Insurance Box price is based on reality. It measures your driving behaviour by monitoring your driving behaviour and the use of your car. In return, you get feedback on your driving style contained in a dashboard, with your own DriveScore. This feedback can help you become an even better driver.

We have a customer base of good drivers so we can pass on lower prices on renewal because we’re not subsidising the bad drivers out there.Learn more about Insurance Box


Are you a young driver with a parent who worries?

Independence is earned and you can secure your parents' respect (and borrow their car) by posting a high DriveScore.

With Insurance Box, you can enjoy the freedom.

“My mum can‘t watch my every move, but she’s sure happy to see I’m a good driver.”

Are you a parent of a young driver?

Ever catch yourself telling your kids how to drive? Grace’s Dad was always telling her how to drive, until he found out Grace is actually a safer driver than he is.

Now, he shares the car with her – and the money they saved.

“Insurance Box is a new gadget that makes car insurance actually useful to my family. It gives me less to worry about handing my keys over to my daughter on a Friday night.” 

Got a BFF who’s new to driving?

Maddie was a better driver after getting her Ps until Grace started giving it more attention. Now she has the better DriveScore.

Prove it to your friends too.

“I don’t really understand insurance. Seems you pay and don’t get much back. Insurance Box is more practical. I get a Dashboard with feedback, it encourages me to improve and they treat me like the adult that I am. And what I save, I use on things more important to me.”