Trouble on your travels

  • Report anything lost, damaged or stolen to the local police, your tour guide, airline or hotel staff
  • If your claim involves credit cards or traveller's cheques, contact your service provider immediately to have them cancelled and replaced
  • Claim online or complete a claim form
  • If you're overseas and need urgent help please call QBE Assist on +61 3 8523 2800 for worldwide medical and emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Complete a travel insurance claim form and send it to:
Email: travel.claims@qbe.com
Post: Claims Department, P.O. BOX 12090, Melbourne VIC 8006
Call: 1300 555 017 or +61 3 8523 2777



How does it all work?

Our insurance claim process is quick and easy. To see what is involved in claiming, what information you'll need, and how to get your claim lodged, check out the sections below.

Lodging your claim

If you're a QBE Travel insurance customer, you may lodge a claim online or by sending us a completed claim form. You'll typically require the following information:

  • Your Travel insurance policy number
  • Your contact and travel details (including an itinerary showing your dates of travel)
  • Other documents relevant to your claim (such as medical, dental, police or airline reports and receipts for your expenses)
  • Proof of ownership information (such as receipts, bank statements, owner's manuals, photos of the items).

Managing your claim

After you've submitted your claim, we'll assess it and tell you if we need any more information.

If you've provided all the information we need, we'll give a decision on your claim within 10 working days.

If your claim doesn't have all the information we need, we'll contact you within 10 working days and tell you what's required. To avoid delays, please make sure you include all documents relevant to your claim, such as medical, dental, police or airline reports and receipts for expenses.

Settling your claim

If we accept your claim, we'll reimburse your expenses in accordance with the policy terms.

At this stage, you may also need to pay an excess before we can finalise your claim. We'll tell you what excess is applicable when you lodge your claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our policies exclude claims that arise due to an existing medical condition of you, a member of your travelling party or a relative who isn't travelling with you. However, some of our policies give you the option to apply to cover the existing medical condition. Call us on 1300 555 017 to check if you're covered for an existing medical condition.

Your travel insurance policy provides a range of cover including, but not limited to, medical expenses, lost or stolen luggage, and travel expenses. For full details of your cover as well as any limits, conditions or exclusions, please refer to your Policy Schedule.

When making a claim you'll be asked to provide evidence of the dates you departed and returned to Australia. This may be an itinerary, e-tickets or boarding passes. If something specific is required your claims officer will let you know.

An excess is the amount of money you have to pay whenever you make a claim, and a number of different types of excesses may apply to your claim. We'll let you know what excesses apply when you lodge your claim. However, on certain policies, you can choose to buy-out your excess when your purchase your policy. If you've selected this option, you won't be required to pay an excess when you make a claim.

If you suffer an injury or illness whilst travelling overseas and wish to lodge a claim, you'll need to include reports from the doctor or other medical practitioners who treated you. We may also need a report from your regular doctor in Australia to confirm the illness wasn't related to an existing medical condition.

Yes, however limits and exclusions do apply, such as theft of your luggage if it was left unattended. Please refer to your Policy Schedule or the PDS for the full details of cover.

Depending on your policy, you may be covered for a range of sports activities. However, QBE doesn't cover certain sports including snow sports, professional sporting activities and base jumping. For a full list of excluded activities, please refer to your Policy Schedule or the PDS.

There's no time limit for you to submit your claim to us, and you don't have to submit your claim whilst overseas. However, we recommend submitting your claim as soon as possible to so we can accurately assess your circumstances and provide a desirable outcome.

Yes, all our travel insurance products have a limit on the duration of cover. If this limit is exceeded, you may not be able to claim for any incurred losses. Please refer to your Policy Schedule or the PDS to check the duration of your policy.

Emergency assistance

Call us at 61 3 8523 2800

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