NSW Policy Kit

Essential resources for NSW clients managing their Workers Compensation

If they’re a New South Wales employer with QBE Workers Compensation insurance they’re required to have the NSW Policy Kit. They’ll need to access it throughout the year to maintain and manage their policy.

The Kit contains fact sheets and templates that can help them reduce the chances of workplace accidents and injuries, and understand their obligations as an employer. They can access specific documents as and when they need them or download the entire Kit for easy reference.

Small business employers

When it’s time to renew their policy, they’ll need to complete an update your information form if any of the following applies to their business:

  • They no longer require a Workers Compensation policy
  • Their Input Tax Credit entitlement is not 100%
  • They employ apprentices
  • Their employees are exposed to asbestos.

The NSW Policy Kit

Policy essentials

Resources for policy start-up.

Renewal essentials

Policy renewal documents.

General information

Get to know your obligations, duties and requirements.

Claims essentials

Resources for claiming.

Contact us

If you or your client have any queries we’re here to help. Call us on 133 723 or e-mail wcpolicyservices@qbe.com.

Postal address:

For policy-related documents:
PO Box 1207
Auburn NSW 1835
Fax: (02) 9375 4855

For claims-related documents:
GPO Box 1588
Sydney NSW 2001
Fax: (02) 9375 4666

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We offer a wide range of training courses to help your client administer and manage their Workers Compensation. They can learn about building safety, injury management and prevention, planning effective return-to-work programs and more.

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