Partners for the Long Haul

Andrew Mason has always had a passion for aviation, having bought his first aircraft to start Ramair Flying Services almost 30 years ago.

This family business initially specialised in aerial agriculture, where they are still highly respected in this niche industry today, providing everything from application of pesticides to spreading fertiliser and suspension spraying.

Whilst aerial agriculture was initially enough to ensure Ramair had steady income year round, eventually drought dried up farmers crops, availability of water, and therefore Ramair's income.

To combat the harsh realities of the Australian outback, Andrew diversified his business to include joy flights, charter flights, fire spotting and student training.

At QBE, we recognise each business is unique. That’s why throughout Andrew's journey our aviation experts have taken the time to truly understand Ramair's business and evolving operations. Allowing us to develop policies and premiums tailored to meet their particular needs, ever since they first took flight, way back in 1988.

Watch their amazing journey now.