QBE Sydney Swans Academy

Creating AFL heroes

“One of the most significant AFL initiatives in NSW”


The QBE Sydney Swans Academy is a ground-breaking training and development AFL program established in 2010. The Academy aims to bridge the talent gap between NSW and traditional AFL states such as Victorian and South Australia.Find out how the academy develops young talent, hear about its success stories and understand the commitment it takes to become a professional AFL player.

Isaac Heeney

“I’ll chase my dream, no matter where it leads”
Growing up in Newcastle Isaac didn’t have access to the traditional AFL development infrastructure that young Victorian’s or South Australian’s have. When he got the opportunity to try-out for the newly established QBE Sydney Swans Academy in 2011, he seized his chance. The Academy however was only a doorway to the AFL, the hard work has only just begun.

Jarrad McVeigh

“Getting drafted was the easy part”
Jarrad dedicated his younger years to training hard in the hope of one day being drafted into the AFL. It was an amazing day for him when he was drafted to the Sydney Swans. He would soon learn however that getting drafted was the easy part and the hard work had only just begun.

Brandon Jack

“Rejected from my first few AFL trials”
Brandon had always wanted to follow his Dad’s footsteps to be the next Australian Fullback in the Rugby League. Through his journey he discovered the AFL, a game where he could fully utilise his ability of being a good runner. Despite training hard, he was reject from his first few AFL trials.

Adam Goodes

“You can’t pick or choose when you want to be good”

In his 18th season for the Sydney Swans, Adam is one of the most respected footballers in the history of the game. He’s achieved many accolades through his journey with the Swans, from Brownlow Medals to Premierships and even being named the Australian of the year. Adam’s accolades don’t come without hard work and commitment. Watch how a ‘lazy kid from Ballarat’ became the games record holder at the Sydney Swans.