Kathryn Wood

Kathryn Wood - Head of Short Tail Claims

"QBE is a rewarding place to work. I've found it one of the most exciting organisations to work for, as it's a true global company that believes in continual evolution; that brings with it a huge amount of opportunity.

What I love about my job and my role is that I can go from meeting a panel beater in the morning and having a chat about what's impacting the motor industry, through to talking about what it is we need to deliver a better customer experience across the claims lifecycle. There's never an average day.

Working with my team keeps me very focused on delivering the best for our customers and for our business, every day we are creating and building for the future. I get to travel extensively and, because QBE has a number of different brands and products, I am continuously interacting with a large variety of stakeholders.

Throughout my five-year career here I've been challenged to stretch to a new level of leadership and capability, and I've been trusted with a large division and significant financial responsibility. I've also been supported with leadership courses and further study.

However I think the biggest reward of working at QBE come from the little things. It's when the boss says 'You've done a great job' or the CEO has stood up and recognised all the work we've put in. It's celebrating those small successes. I would say I've been incredibly fortunate to be with QBE."

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