Grace Hartry

Grace Hartry - Senior Project Manager

"Over the 11 years I've been at QBE, I've had six different roles going from full-time to part-time, working in a different country and having two babies along the way. QBE has really helped me to live my dream, and that dream was always to be a Mum.

My career path has certainly changed to accommodate family life but I'm very fortunate in that I've been supported by QBE at every step, and there's been no pressure for me to go back full-time.

Before my first baby I was working in a very demanding finance role, which revolved around month-ends, lots of reporting and year-end commitments. After the birth I spoke to my manager and was able to come back with an understanding that I could do a different role at the same level, taking on more project-based work. This met my manager's needs and it met my needs.

Whilst I benefit from our diversity and inclusion practices in working three days a week in a senior management role, diversity and inclusion is really about recognising differences in the people that you work with and embracing those, valuing the different skills and views they can bring to the organisation. Diversity and inclusion makes QBE work.

QBE is an organisation that treats people well. More broadly, the company values itself on making a difference in the community and that's what insurance is all about. You're helping people  get them back to normal. From an ethics perspective that sits very well with me.

Over the years I feel I have been not only financially rewarded but it's the other recognition that you get that means so much more. The manager giving you the pat on the back, an email saying thank you, that makes the world of difference. The formal recognition programs we have in place are an extension of that.

The most fundamental thing QBE has provided me with is flexibility and support. As my life has changed I've been allowed to continue working and doing what I love in a timeframe that works for me."

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