Danial Cummins

Danial Cummins - Manager, National Service Team

“I want to fulfil my potential. I don't want to reflect back on my life and say “I could’ve done that”. I'm one of those people that is happy to give anything a go and challenge myself. A large organisation like QBE lets me do it.

I love my job. My role is to manage workflow, reporting, take customer enquiries, assess complaints, and review relationships and plans. No two days for me are the same.

From some of the smallest things, I get the biggest satisfaction. I'm big on personal development so when I see my staff develop, manage a customer query to the best of their ability or receive recognition from someone outside the organisation, I feel really happy that I've contributed to developing that individual to the point where they’ve been able to succeed. Watching people grow and helping them achieve their goals makes it all worthwhile.

I'm really proud of being able to develop my staff. In one instance we put some solid plans in place and, with the right support, we were able to get strong client engagement. To the point that many high performing staff were able to move and be promoted into senior roles.

In each role I've had at QBE I've also been supported to learn, grow, and to undertake my own personal development. That's allowed me to move across business units. I started in Workers Compensation as a Case Manager, moved to become a Business Unit Manager, then a Branch Manager, and now I'm the Manager of the National Service Team.

I'm not afraid to work in a different business or area I don't know anything about. That's part of the challenge for me. QBE has been outstanding in giving me opportunities right across the business.”

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