Andy White

QBE Careers - Actuarial

Andy White - Group Head of Capital Modelling

"QBE has a very collaborative culture. There are a lot of very intelligent people here; the one thing I found is the more you include a range of people with different skill sets in the decision making process, the better the decision you end up with.

My role is Group Head of Capital Modelling. Our area is very team focused in a global sense. A lot of my team are based in London. I work closely with the team based in New York and there are a few based in Sydney as well. What's good about what I do is that you can leverage knowledge from different parts of the world. It's something that I think gives QBE a real edge.

As one of the world's top 20 insurers we are a large global company. Working at QBE I have the benefit of working in a global organisation which retains a local feel. This is a great company for someone who enjoys variety and is eager to learn. Sociable and friendly people will also thrive here. I consider a large number of people I work with friends, rather than colleagues. A lot of my best friends actually work for QBE.

I've always had really good people to learn from. Over the past 10 years I've never had a manager whom I've not learned something from. In terms of leadership development, I've been on four different leadership courses in the space of the past seven years. QBE has also supported me through my actuarial exams, conference attendances, subscriptions to publications, and ‘Lunch and Learns' and simply the opportunity to work with lots of different people.

QBE has great diversity in its people. You don't have to conform to a particular type but across the board we are all self-starters and proactive. The team I'm with now work very closely together and look out for each other. Importantly, we make sure if one person is really busy, the rest of us rally around to help out."

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