Amar Roomi

Amar Roomi - Senior Business Development Manager

"The great thing about QBE is that opportunities are available right across the organisation. Your skills are recognised and it doesn't matter where they're currently being used, they can often be transferred into other areas of the business.

I started in Marketing at QBE, and I'm now a Senior Business Development Manager.

Over the last three years I've been given opportunities to use my skills to do things outside my remit and that has ultimately helped me to transition into a very different role - the one I'm in today. As I've come to learn more about insurance, I've realised QBE is a company that values talent.

Within Australia we have multiple offices. In many positions you get to interact with colleagues here and overseas, and that's very valuable. In my previous role I managed research right across the country and kept track of every office, which was a fantastic experience. I also spent a lot of time dealing with colleagues in North America.

There's a great network of people at QBE and I enjoy being a part of it. There's an overall commitment to doing the right thing by the customer; it's something we're very conscious of and it's something I admire.

For me, coming from advertising into financial services, I was hoping to step into a very professional, corporate environment – and that's been delivered. I've also really enjoyed the career change and the people I've been working with at QBE. People care about what they do and doing the right thing by the customers as well.

When I first joined I thought it would be for a short period before I moved on, but there's been many opportunities to keep moving within the company and that's been a big selling point for me."

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