Kih Ling

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Kih Ling - Business Development Manager

"The culture here is great. The work life balance at QBE is excellent, and people create an environment that's very positive.

I've been at QBE for close to three years. I come from a commerce background, majoring in accounting and finance. I wanted to do something in line with my degree – and Trade Credit was one of the products that I identified on the QBE website that I really wanted to get into.

I was part of the Graduate Program, rotating through different departments. Each rotation was a great experience because I got to understand all the different insurance products and QBE's structure.

The flexibility at QBE stands out for me. There's a big sense of trust within the team. My managers are very understanding of commitments outside of work. In my current role I get to travel a lot. This is one of the best parts of my job, that we can go out and meet the clients personally and meet our client's clients as well. This allows us to expand our network of relationships. I've also been involved in a lot of projects – during a recent project I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel overseas to Manila and work with the team there.

My team is very diverse with a lot of different personalities. They're really outgoing. There's never a quiet day here. It's always noisy, always loud!"


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