Key dates

Dates and advice to help you through the application process.

Online applications start in July each year, with successful applicants beginning the program in February the following year. Key dates for your 2018 Graduate Program intake are:

  • Applications open July 21
  • Applications close August 13
  • Online testing and video screening will take place August 16 - 3 September
  • Assessment Centres will be held weeks of September 5 - September 21    
  • Final interviews will be held from mid-September.

The six step application process

Stage 1:  Your online application

Commencing in July, applicants for graduate positions are required to complete an application form, attaching a resume, covering letter, proof of Australian or New Zealand Citizenship or Australian Permanent Residency, and a copy of their academic transcript.

Apply here


  • Apply as soon as you can to avoid disappointment
  • Bear in mind that getting University Result transcripts can take time, so act early
  • Take the time to carefully prepare your application, as only shortlisted candidates will move to the next stage
  • Check your CV is up to date, and you have applied spelling and grammar checks
  • Only Australian or New Zealand Citizens, or Australian Permanent Residents, are eligible for selection. Documents proving your resident status will need to be scanned and uploaded
  • It is highly recommended you register for SMS notifications so we can alert you to any new emails we send

Stage 2:  Online abilities testing

If you successfully progress through the application stage, you will receive an invitation to commence online testing.


  • Before starting the test read the online instructions carefully and be aware of the time limit
  • It is a good idea to practice first by completing the in-built practice questions
  • When undertaking the test, allow yourself 50-60 minutes and ensure you are in a quiet environment

Stage 3:  Video screening

Successful candidates from Stage 2 will be invited to undertake a video interview. This is not a live interview. Candidates will log in to a system called Vieple, and will have a set amount of time to record their responses to a series of questions that will appear on the screen.


  • When you log in, a practice question will appear and ask you to introduce yourself
  • Use the time here to get used to the format and adjust your web cam if needed
  • The sooner you log in and complete the interview, the sooner you can be considered for the shortlist, so get in early
  • Remember to be yourself, relax and respond clearly

Stage 4:  Assessment Centre

If you are successful at video screening, you will be invited to attend a half-day at the Assessment Centre. This will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills across individual and team activities. You'll also get to hear more about QBE and the Graduate Program.

Please note: if you are applying for a Graduate role outside your home city/state you will be responsible for covering your own travel expenses to attend an Assessment Centre in the location of the role you applied for.


  • Do some research beforehand so you understand what QBE stands for and what we do
  • Get a good night's sleep the night before
  • Plan your travel time and get to the venue early so you are relaxed
  • When you arrive remember to enjoy the experience and be yourself

Stage 5:  Hiring Manager interview

At this stage a behavioural interview with the Hiring Manager will be conducted. Lasting around 45 minutes, you will be asked more about your background, abilities and future ambitions. You may be asked to provide examples of situations that demonstrate abilities relevant to the role.


  • Prepare for the interview by thinking of recent experiences, achievements and successes
  • Answer honestly and with responses that reflect the real you
  • Using the STAR approach to answering questions involving examples can help – by describing the Situation, Task, Action and Result

Stage 6:  Reference check

At this point you'll be asked to provide any professional referees you have directly reported to in the last five years. They will be contacted to confirm your performance in that workplace.


  • Colleagues or personal referees such as friends or relatives will not be accepted for references
  • Make sure you ask your referees for permission beforehand and tell them about your application with QBE so they are aware of the situation when we call

Across every stage of the process we’ll be in touch to let you know if you have been successful. However, should you have any questions, please email us at