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We’re committed to being recognised for our technical pricing and portfolio optimisation capabilities.

Our team accesses market leading and emerging practices in mathematical and statistical modelling to become trusted advisors.

As well as actuaries and actuarial students, QBE actively encourages applications from data scientists and other individuals with strong communication and mathematical skills.

Portfolio analytics

The portfolio analytics team provides critical support to the business including key insights into portfolio trends, premium adequacy, rate and retention and the early identification of growth and remediation opportunities.

This team is typically staffed by actuaries, both qualified and studying for actuarial qualifications.

Typical roles:

  • Actuarial analyst
  • Pricing analyst

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Data & Analytics

Our Data & Analytics team drive decision making at QBE by applying advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to derive insights from data.

Our vision is to help QBE become a data and analytics driven organisation, where decisions are made on the basis of facts and data is at everyone’s fingertips. We solve insurance problems through machine learning algorithms and engineer ideas to drive better customer experience.

Typical roles:

  • Data scientist

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When an insurance claim is made by a customer against their policy, it's handled by the Claims area. We assess the admissibility of each claim and determine what amount QBE should pay in settlement.

A career in Claims allows you to make a real difference in many lives – particularly at times when a customer might be experiencing difficult circumstances (such as property loss, damage or personal injury). We pride ourselves on taking ownership of the many challenging situations our customers face and finding solutions that assist at every stage of their claim. We also have a dedicated network of claims relationship managers across Australia that provide support to our brokers and intermediaries throughout the claims process.

A Claims role offers progression opportunities for those seeking to become people leaders or technical experts. QBE offers excellent career pathways for both options and also encourages Claims employees to develop solid business acumen, sound strategic thinking and negotiation skills through a range of on-the-job and training initiatives. With a variety of products in the QBE portfolio, a Claims career allows you to gain experience working with many different customer groups.

We understand our customers are looking for a partner who will consistently seek to understand their needs, care and keep their promises. Our claims service is key to the delivery of that promise to our customers.

Typical roles:

  • Case manager
  • Claims officer
  • Claims manager
  • Service manager
  • Injury management advisor
  • Portfolio manager (Workers Compensation)
  • Return to work specialist
  • Technical manager

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Product and underwriting

Product and underwriting play a vital role in the development of QBE products and their ongoing profitability.

Job functions in this area include evaluating risks with regard to customers, determining coverage levels and deciding how much customers should pay for their cover.

A product and underwriting career will see you working with one of the most experienced teams in the country. You'll have access to great opportunities for career development, accreditation and progression, and work collaboratively within your business unit and with sales and relationship management colleagues during many negotiations. The culture within the teams is focused on performance, teamwork and goals, but at the same time being supportive and taking time to enjoy our work is key.

Another valuable benefit offered through roles in QBE product and underwriting is the chance to regularly interact with customers, providing opportunities to influence real-world outcomes on key pieces of business from start to finish.

Typical roles:

  • Assistant underwriter
  • Underwriter
  • Senior underwriter
  • Product manager
  • Product specialist
  • Service manager
  • Underwriting manager
  • Underwriting team leader

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Customer Strategy & Marketing

Our role is to support QBE's marketing, communications and customer design needs in Australia and New Zealand. We do this through our expert teams in sponsorships and events, creative design, research, strategic sales, digital, communications, customer experience, consumer and B2B marketing specialists.

Typical roles:

  • Marketing partner
  • Events manager
  • Sponsorships manager
  • Communications specialist

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The mandate of the Transformation team is to drive transformational change and improvement strategies that support a range of goals. We partner with leaders across QBE providing specialist skills and frameworks to help deliver change to people, process, system, customer and organisation. Our team both designs and implements transformation using a range of techniques such as lean/six sigma, design thinking, change management models. Our philosophy is around engaging people throughout change to ensure it sticks.

Typical roles:

  • Business improvement manager
  • Change analyst
  • Change manager

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Our team is responsible for overseeing risk, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and the maintenance of an effective governance framework. We are also responsible for customer relations, government relations and industry affairs, fraud and business continuity.

Typical roles:

  • Risk analyst

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Sales and relationship management

Sales and relationship management act as a key point of contact for our customers and brokers. They provide detailed and accurate product information and solutions, allowing QBE to forge successful partnerships.

QBE sales and relationship management has a driven culture that is based around cohesive, intelligent teamwork and the sharing of positive ideas for positive results. This collaborative approach extends beyond our area, as we work closely with different teams on much of our business.

In many areas of sales and relationship management there is genuine autonomy for employees and you can experience a passionate and exciting environment. The range of products available to our customers is very broad, and with that comes a wide range of variety in our sales and distribution functions.

Those in sales and relationship management are responsive to customers, energetic in their networking and active in working together as a team.

Typical roles:

  • Business development manager
  • Business relationship manager
  • Quality assurance specialist
  • Distribution manager
  • Insurance specialist
  • Sales consultant

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Our Digital team develops, tests and implements strategies to reach and engage our customers through digital channels including web, mobile, and social.

Typical roles:

  • Digital product managers
  • Digital consultant
  • Social media specialist

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Human Resources

Through a well-established partnership model our HR team consult with leaders so they can build a constructive culture and lead people to deliver sustained high performance and achieve our business objectives.

Our purpose in HR is to create an employee experience that elevates the customer experience.

Typical roles:

  • HR business partner
  • HR consultant

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Our Finance team are proud to deliver financial services, including financial analysis, strategy and advice and financial control through business partnering, business intelligence and benchmarking.

Typical roles:

  • Finance business partner 

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Legal is a multidisciplinary team which provides commercial and claims legal services to the QBE Australia and New Zealand division. Our legal team also has responsibility for management of QBE work health and safety and well-being at QBE in Australia and New Zealand.

Typical roles:

  • Corporate lawyer
  • Solicitor
  • Coordinator
  • Team leader
  • Paralegal
  • Legal services assistant

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