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Advise the customer of the benefits of using a QBE Accredited Repairer, and ask if they would like to find a QBE Accredited Repairer in their area.
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Frequently Asked Question

  • Q: What does the *** mean at the end of a smash repairer's name? (e.g. QBERepairer***)

    A: The *** means the smash repairer is a member of our new Accredited Smash Repairer (ASR) network. Our new ASRs will:
    ✓ Assess the vehicle onsite
    ✓ Provide taxi vouchers for travel to/from the repairer (up to $50 each way)
    ✓ Contact our customer within 4 hours of receiving the request for quote
    ✓ Adhere to strict quality and service standards
    ✓ Deliver all of the benefits of our existing network 

  • Q: What are the benefits of our existing ASR network?

    A: Benefits include:
    ✓Convenience - Assessing process is hassle free. Wash & vacuum once repair is complete
    ✓Speed of Repairs - Committed to provide QBE customers priority service
    ✓Quality - Lifetime guarantee on the workmanship of repairs that we authorise. Repairers within our network must abide to strict quality checks

  • Q: What if insured wants to go to their local repairer even if we have an Accredited Repairer within the area?

    A: Inform the customer of the benefits available to them when using a QBE Accredited Repairer. Use the Conversion Conversation Guide to support your discussion. Please note that the customer is no longer required to obtain a second quote.

  • Q: What if I have more questions or feedback?

    A: Refer to the DTP - New ASR Network AO1366 - or see your SM.

  • Q: What if the insured’s vehicle is non-drivable and still at the accident scene?

    A: Check for the nearest Accredited Repairer within the area by using the postcode or suburb, call them and request for vehicle to be towed to the repairer. Or call a towing company and have the vehicle towed to the nearest Accredited Repairer.
    If search responds there is no repairer within the area, tow the vehicle to the nearest local repairer (most likely in rural and remote areas).

  • Q: What if the search responds that there is no repairer in area?

    A: This will happen in TAS or in rural and remote areas where we do not have as many QBE Accredited Repairers. Request 1 quote from the customer.