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Frequently Asked Question

  • Q: What if I have additional questions or feedback on the the tool?
    A:  Refer to our "how to" guide by clicking here or contact your CRM.
  • Q: Can I use the tool on any device?
    A: Yes. The search tool can be used on your mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • Q: Why does a different repairer display when I search the same postcode/suburb?
    A: When there are no repairers matching the postcode or suburb you've searched for, the tool returns 3 star repairers in random order within the location. This ensures a high performing repairer with availability is prioritised for quick selection.
  • Q: What does the asterisk mean at the beginning of a smash repairer's name? (e.g. *QBERepairer)

    A: The asterisk means the smash repairer is a QBE Fast Track repairer (for Vic metro only).
    Repairers with an asterisk have the following benefits attached:

    ✓ No assessment required
    ✓ Average three day turn around on drivable repairs
    ✓ Three star rating supplier network
    ✓ Consistent quality
    ✓ Taxi vouchers to get customer home from and back to repairer