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Questions & Answers

QBE Car Insurance

The following product information applies for policies taken out or renewed on or after 22/2/2014

Home Insurance Q&As

This information is specific to QBE Home insurance policies. If you have a more general question about your insurance, please contact us.

Home Contents Insurance

Q. Am I covered for accidental damage?

A. Not automatically. This is an option you can select at an additional cost.

Q. Are my carpets and blinds insured under building or contents?

A. Your carpets and blinds are covered by your Home Contents insurance.

Q. What is a 'Specified' item?

A. We have certain limits for particular high risk items. If you have an item that exceeds this limit, you need to specifically list the item on your policy. Most often we will need valuations, receipts or serial numbers as proof of ownership in the event of a claim. You will find more information regarding this in the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording.

There are two types of specified items. Specified Contents items are covered within the home. It does not cost extra to specify your Contents items on your Home Cover policy.

Specified Valuables items are also covered away from home when you select this option. For more information on the limits that apply to your policy, refer to your Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording.

Q. Does my Contents policy automatically cover items away from my home?

A. No. To protect your personal valuables away from home, you'll need to opt for Valuables cover which provides cover for accidental loss or damage anywhere in Australia and New Zealand or extended to include Worldwide cover.

Q. Am I covered for flooding?

A. Yes if you've taken out a new policy or renewed your existing policy on or after 22/2/2014. For more information, please refer to your Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording.

Q. I am going on holidays overseas. Do I need to notify you that my home will be empty?

A. If your house will be unoccupied for more that 60 days, you should contact us to continue your cover. Other restrictions on cover may apply. You will find more information regarding this in the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording.

Q. My financier has asked for a Certificate of Currency. What is this?

A. A Certificate of Currency is a document that states the details of your cover and where applicable, will confirm the interests of your financier is noted on the policy. Call us on 133 723 for more information.

Q. When can I start insurance with you if I am building a brand new house?

A. When your Certificate of Handover is provided by your builder.

Q. Is removal of debris covered?

A. Yes, as part of your sum insured. You are covered for debris removal if we need to repair, replace or rebuild your home. You need to make sure that you have allowed for this cost when setting your sum insured.

Q. How do I calculate my sum insured?

A. Use our Home Building Calculator and Home Contents Calculator to help you assess the value of your home and its contents.

Q. What is the Building Sum Insured Safeguard?

A. The Building Sum Insured Safeguard benefit is all about peace of mind. It protects you if you correctly use the full Home Building Calculator  (not the quick version) to calculate your sum insured and the estimate it provided was inadequate. If this happens, the Safeguard benefit covers you for up to 30% more than your building sum insured payable in the event of total loss.  You will need to provide a copy of the Building Replacement Estimate in the event of a claim so please download and save a copy of the full report and keep a printed copy in an off-site location.

The Safeguard benefit also protects your sum insured if the increased cost of repair over and above your sum insured was directly caused by a catastrophic event.

More information regarding this benefit can be found in the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording.

Valuables Insurance

Q. What does 'Miscellaneous' mean?

A. When you choose Miscellaneous Valuables cover, it means you do not have to specify every item you take away from home. To find out what items fall under the definition of Miscellaneous, check the Valuables section of the Home Cover Product Disclosure Statement & Policy Wording. Mobile phones and laptops must be specified as they are not covered by Miscellaneous items. Limits apply to Miscellaneous items cover. If you have an item(s) worth more than the limit, you will need to specify the item(s) to ensure it is adequately covered.

Q. If I claim on my Valuables cover, will it affect my No Claim Bonus on my Home Cover policy?

A. No, your Home and Contents cover is separate to your Valuables cover and will not be affected if you claim.

Q. What events am I covered for?

A. You are covered for loss or damage caused by ‘Defined Events’. For more detail on the Defined Events covered by your policy, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording.

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